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Composing a Game PC: that’s how you do it!


If you live with teenagers in the house, sooner or later the demand for a gaming PC will arise. As a parent, you really can’t avoid that. For today’s teens, games online are the equivalent of hanging out on the street in the past. The entire social life of our teenagers takes place online. That takes some getting used to for us parents from a different generation. I myself had a lot of trouble with the idea that those games would ever come to my house. Don’t they incite violence? Won’t my kids become those weird nerds who don’t know how to deal with people in real life anymore? I’m sure I’m not the only parent with those kinds of questions. But I won’t be the only parent to notice that gaming prepares our youth for a life entirely focused on social media. The manners are different now, the club of friends is online and the games they play with each other too. You don’t want your child out there so well, what do you do? You consult with your son and he naturally wants to put together his own gaming PC so that he can join in with his friends. And you go along, because that is part of this time. So time for this important purchase.

Compiling Game PC: how do you do that?

My son wanted to build a gaming PC himself. He had already figured out what that would look like. I didn’t want to stop him, but of course the budget was not inexhaustible. Still, it turned out to be useful to rely on my son’s knowledge. He had, of course, been deeply engrossed in it for many months. The budget was my limit and within that he was allowed to put together his gaming PC. As a total layman, I asked him what he paid attention to when purchasing. My son explained that it is very important that you know which games you were going to play and what exactly you needed. He wanted more disk space and a larger working memory than usual. But there are plenty of other options you can choose from, such as a graphics card and a powerful processor. Not that I know what all this means, but my son explained it seamlessly.

just play

With my budget and his knowledge we started looking online and so my son put together his ideal gaming PC. He can now join his friends online again. But I also send him out every now and then. Being social on the computer is fun and important, but so is exercise and really meeting people. This is how the two generations come together again!

Buying tiles in the bathroom: what you need to know


It all seems a piece of cake, but if you delve more deeply into the different types, types and materials of tiles, you will soon notice that in some cases you can no longer see the wood for the trees. Or through the tiles in the bathroom. To make sure you make the right choice when shopping for your bathroom tiles, I wrote this blog for you. Have fun reading!

For starters, there are floor and wall tiles

You can divide tiles for the bathroom into two categories. These are floor and wall tiles. Bathroom tiles naturally protect against the effects of moisture because you have to deal with this every day and sometimes more than once a day. Tiles also make the bathroom easy to clean. In short: enough advantages to choose bathroom tiles.

Tiles for the floor

Buying floor tiles is not something you just do. It takes a lot of work and attention. So you can make the choice for yourself to go with the bathroom trends of the season, or to choose a tile that is almost always modern and fashionable.

Anyway, it is important that you know in advance what kind of tiles you want to buy. Are you going for a larger size or smaller? What color do you want to buy the tile? Or do you want different colors to create a kind of mosaic pattern? There is also quite a difference in quality when you want to buy tiles for the bathroom. In short: buying tiles requires attention and knowledge. Something you may not always have at home, but can come in handy and useful. For example, pay attention to the type of tile.

Types of bathroom tiles

For starters, you have a number of different types of bathroom tiles. We distinguish ceramic or natural stone tiles.

Ceramic tiles are often cheaper than natural stone tiles. This is because natural stone tiles retain the heat better than ceramic tiles. They each have their own pros and cons. Ceramic tiles, for example, often have a nice gloss layer because they are fired with a glaze layer. This layer also makes the tile water resistant.

Natural stone tiles are a bit more difficult to clean than ceramic tiles, but they are a lot nicer. In some cases, they also last a lot longer, because they cannot be cleaned with chemical cleaning agents. This is also better for the environment!

Hopefully this blog has provided some clarity about bathroom tiles and you can now choose which tiles you want to lay in your new bathroom. Good luck!

A vlog camera is not just a video camera


It is now very common to film yourself and share these videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social media. This happens so much that a special video camera for so-called vlogging has been developed. (Vlogging = videa blog) With this special video camera, which is nice and compact and fits comfortably in the hand, you can make the most fun, funny, moving videos. The vlogging camera is in many cases equipped with a tripod or has the option of using a tripod. With a tripod you ensure that the video camera does not move during your recordings. This gives a calmer picture for the viewers.

Why should you buy a video camera especially for vlogging?

You can of course choose to use your mobile to make vlogs. But chances are that your storage will be full very quickly. And even though the quality of many mobile phones is very good, with a special video camera, which is made for vlogging, the quality is always better. The sound is also more manageable. That image and sound is of course important if you want to be successful as a vlogger. If people can’t understand you or if the images are wobbly or out of focus, you will never get a large audience.

But there’s more

The camcorder, which we all know from our childhood, is still a popular item. Young parents in particular choose to purchase a camcorder. First smiles, first words, first crawling/tigerling/walking, first cycling, first time to school, first swimming lesson, first wiggle tooth and of course all birthdays can easily be recorded with it. Using a camcorder as a vlog camera is of course also possible, but it is not really made for that.

And what about a wildlife camera?

Since the start of the corona crisis, we have gone into nature en masse. We take pictures on the heath and in the woods, on the beach and in the dunes. But you can go one step further. What if you have more than just average interest in nature and the animals that live there? Then purchasing a wildlife camera is for you. You can set up a wildlife camera and then set it to record as soon as something appears in front of the lens. You can stay with it (at a distance), but you can also put this camera down and come back the next day.

Going out in the city has changed


Right, you read it right. Going out isn’t what it used to be. This was already the case before the corona crisis, but the new one and a half meters of society has made it completely different when you want to go into the city to drink a beer or dance with your friends. Are you curious what is still possible in the one and a half meter society? Then read on quickly!


Before the pandemic took more hold on the inhabitants of the earth, it was the most natural thing in the world to go to the club every now and then to have a good time. Dancing, drinking, meeting new people, it was all there. Things are different these days, you definitely feel that when you live in the Randstad.

Many clubs have not been open since mid-March. This results in people having to do other things to let loose. Fortunately, this is also something that has a positive side. Something that used to be more and more common than ever in the cities is the use of drugs. For example, a speed addiction is soon lurking. Especially because this drug gives you the feeling that you can continue for a while. Now that there is less partying, it seems as if the use of this drug has decreased. This makes room for cozy drinks with friends on terraces!

Grab a terrace

And this is also different from what we are used to. It is now only possible to have a drink with your housemates on a terrace without having to make a reservation. Or well, you can sit on the terrace with people outside your household, but at a distance of one and a half meters from each other.

This may seem like a drawback, but it is of course done for your own safety. It is important that, even in this new period of fighting the pandemic, we remain alert to the risks that coming too close together entails.

So also meeting up with friends as we know it has actually been completely redesigned. It brings people to new and creative ideas to seek out cosiness. This actually applies to both inside and outside the city. The only difference is that in the cities you see much more often that people flout the rules because the numbers are a bit more positive again. However, this is no reason to let your attention weaken. In short: stay safe, keep one and a half meters away. Also on the terrace.

New construction or buying an existing home?


Are you going to buy your first home soon or maybe move? Then you have probably come across the point that two types of owner-occupied houses are offered on the housing market, new construction and existing construction. But which house are you going for? In this blog we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of both new construction and existing construction for you.

The benefits of new construction

A new-build home is often sold before the home is even there, so construction has yet to begin. You are the first owner of a new home. No one else has lived in your house yet. These houses are also very modern and have a favorable energy label. The house is also free in name and you have little maintenance. You decide how everything will look like and what goes in from the very first moment in terms of floor, wallpaper, furniture and so on.

The advantages of existing construction

The supply of existing construction is many times greater than the supply of new construction. Simply because this house already exists. So there is a large and varied offer. In addition, you do not have to wait until the construction is finished because this house already exists, so to speak, you can still move in next month if the current owner can then leave the house. In addition, many existing homes still have character and a certain atmosphere from the past. Today’s houses are no longer built as they used to be. For example, if you like a high ceiling, you will only find it in existing buildings. There is also an option to negotiate the asking price.

The disadvantages of new construction

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to a new-build home. Because the house is already sold before it is built, you can’t move in right away. Sometimes you have to wait up to six months or a year. Very annoying of course if your other home has already been sold. In addition, you have to deal with double charges and a fixed selling price. There are often only a few homes available while the demand is very high, especially in the Randstad. The moment you cannot complete your mortgage completely or there are certain uncertainties due to, for example, the mortgage interest and this process is therefore delayed, it may just be that you misunderstand. You also only have a limited choice because only a few copies are built.

The disadvantages of existing construction

Of course, existing buildings also have a number of disadvantages, such as buyer costs. Another disadvantage can be a less favorable energy label or maintenance costs because the house can get a makeover. In the worst case, some things even have to be rebuilt or demolished. In this way, your costs can be quite a bit higher, especially if you only find out later that something is wrong with the house.

By the way, do you not yet have an answer to the question “how much can I borrow”? Then take a look at for an estimate of your maximum mortgage.

How do you make sure you feel good about yourself again?


How you feel about yourself largely determines the amount of pleasure you get from daily activities. If you are not feeling well, it can be for various reasons. Finding the cause is often very difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can achieve a positive effect on your well-being regardless of the cause.

Bad breathing makes you tired

Your breathing plays a major role in your well-being. If you breathe a lot and too fast, it can indicate stress. When you’re in balance, you’re breathing about eight times a minute. Yet most do not make it and subconsciously opt for a shallow and rapid breath. Changing this can be a very good move. However, it is often very difficult to achieve this. A tool could come in handy for that.

Breathing Exercises Can Help

One way you could improve your breathing is to do breathing exercises on a regular basis. The Bach Rescue breathing exercises are a good option for this. With breathing exercises it is important that you work on this regularly. Doing a breathing exercise every now and then usually does not have the desired effect. Therefore, plan the breathing exercises well and take it seriously. You’ll have to find out for yourself whether it works.

Sport contributes to a good feeling

Another way to improve your well-being is to exercise regularly. Sports initiates all kinds of processes and you notice that. For example, during and after running you can end up in a runner’s high. This has to do with the amount of hormones released during running. Running can therefore help people who are prone to depression.

If you want to exercise intensively, it is important that you know what you are doing. Sports tips Bach Rescue could help with this. Different types of valuable tips are given. Always keep in mind that these are tips and it is especially important what you do with them.

Sleep is essential for a good feeling during the day

A good night’s sleep is underestimated by most. By sleeping regularly and long enough, you get a lot more out of your day. In addition, you feel much more comfortable in your own skin and you can notice a difference after a good night’s sleep. Keep in mind that it is also important that you are constantly working on this when sleeping.

A hearing aid at a young age?


Hearing less well. It is an ailment that is very common in older people. But nowadays, unfortunately, many younger people come with hearing problems. In fact, it is becoming a very big problem. What is the cause of this?

Of course, many young people like to go to a party. They go to concerts, clubs and other parties. Very loud music is often played at these parties. The volumes of such parties are usually so high that they cause hearing damage. How do you know that you have suffered hearing damage? And how can you treat it, or better yet, prevent it? That is what we discuss in this article.

Recognize in time

Many young people have experienced it. They go to a club and come home after a night of partying with not only a hangover, but also an annoying ringing in their ears. In general, this beep will go away after a few hours. But if you have had such a ringing in your ears, you have in principle already suffered hearing damage. First of all, if you come home too often with such a beep, you will hear less well. But what can also happen is that this beep becomes permanent. Such ringing in the ears is of course very frustrating. Because many young people often go to clubs and parties, it can cause permanent hearing damage that will only get worse with age. As a result, hearing specialists increasingly see younger people coming for a hearing aid.


Prevention is of course always better than cure. The easiest way to prevent hearing damage from clubs and parties is to avoid going to these clubs and parties. But of course that’s not so much fun. Young people like to go for a walk. One of the best ways you can protect your hearing and still go out is by wearing earplugs. Of course it is true that you go out for the music. Earplugs seem to get in the way. But luckily there are now earplugs that are custom made and filter the sound in such a way that you can still hear the music fantastically but at the same time your ears are protected.

To deal with

The trouble with hearing damage is that it’s an insidious process, but once it’s done there’s no turning back. So there is no cure, but you can hear well again with a hearing aid. Some young people who need a hearing aid don’t want it because it looks weird. This is of course very inconvenient because they continue to walk around with poorer hearing. Especially while nowadays there are many hearing aids that you barely see in your ears.

Ladybugs and their (positive) properties


Last summer I had a lot of problems with aphids on my plants, which actually made them look very sad. When I wanted to get started with chemicals, my girlfriend came up with the idea to use ladybugs. huh? Ladybugs against aphids? Yes, because my plants bloomed beautifully again because of the ladybugs. Everyone knows ladybugs, but what do we actually know about these critters? Apparently I don’t do much myself, so I decided to delve into these critters a bit more. Will you read along with my findings?


Ladybugs are part of the beetles and come in many varieties, from light orange/yellow to almost black. A ladybug that has just pupated has no dots, as do the larvae. The larvae are more reminiscent of a caterpillar, including small hairs on the body. A ladybug has a lifespan of about a year, so as is often thought, the dots say nothing about the age of the animal.


As I said at the beginning of this blog, I used the larvae to get rid of the aphids on my plates, because this is their food. This makes the beetles extremely useful in horticulture, where they are also frequently used.

The most popular in the Netherlands is the seven-spot ladybug, characterized by its red shield and black dots. However, there are 60 species of ladybugs in the Netherlands. The multicolored Asian ladybug is one such species. This has been transferred to various countries to lend a hand in organic horticulture. This animal has now settled in the Netherlands, Belgium and England.


Not every ladybug eats aphids, because there are also species that feed on fungi or plants. The species that feed exclusively on plants, on the other hand, can cause damage to your plants. So don’t just buy ladybug larvae, but be well informed and choose the right species. I bought the larvae myself via redwith black so be sure to take a look there.

Most ladybugs do not damage materials or foodstuffs, but they can be experienced as extremely annoying in large numbers. This is especially common when there have been a lot of aphids the year before. In the autumn, ladybugs often try to invade a house, to be able to hibernate in a warm place. An easy solution to combat this is to purchase a mosquito net.

Ladybugs are therefore seen as a useful organism, so the use of pesticides (chemical pesticides) is not necessary and certainly not desirable.

good luck with her


There are some specific looks that can make someone look younger or older. Wrinkles are one such example. If your skin is unkempt or you have more or deeper wrinkles, this can make you look older than you actually are. A trick that does the opposite is a full head of hair. However, many people suffer from hair loss. For some it starts early and for others it starts at a later age. Fortunately, there is something that can be done and that is a hair transplant. In this blog I will tell you how it works and where you can go. Are you reading along?

Take care of your hair or take care of her

To keep your hair longer, it can help to take good care of your hair. The right diet also affects the quality of your hair. Of course, you cannot completely prevent hair loss. If you have a talent for it, you can’t avoid it, but you can better take care of the hair you have for so long. This ensures that things look nicer, even if it is a bit thinner. When the moment really comes, you can always opt for that hair transplant.

How does a hair transplant work?

This works as follows: you go to a clinic and there you discuss your wishes during an intake interview. The specialist can therefore give you an estimate of the expected result. What happens during the procedure is actually very simple. Hair follicles are moved from elsewhere to the balding area. These hair follicles are immune to the hormone that causes hair loss. These hair follicles do not die and therefore one can give a certainty and guarantee of a successful result.

Why go to Istanbul?

Nowadays, more and more people go abroad for this kind of surgery. A hair transplant in Istanbul is therefore not so crazy. And this growing popularity is not for nothing. This is because it is a lot cheaper. The technology used there is much more efficient and faster. And let’s be honest: we like to take a trip abroad for granted. On the website of the Emrahcinik clinic you can view the different packages they offer. In addition, the prices are also immediately stated. So you immediately know where you stand, very transparent! Well, the website then. Your hair will soon be anything but that.

No more sore feet


Wearing nice shoes is a pleasure that many women value. Cute shoes with nice heels are not only beautiful but they also provide a lot of wearing pleasure and added confidence. But there are also disadvantages to wearing these pumps. Namely that you will have sore feet in no time. Every woman knows the urge to take off your shoes after a night out and prefer to walk home barefoot. But this is of course dangerous. There are certainly ways to ensure that you no longer have sore feet. In this article, we’ll discuss how to wear nice shoes without constantly having sore feet.

Right material

The first step is to only buy pumps made of suede and leather. These are both materials that will mold to the foot and thus prevent painful pressure marks. At the same time, it is also a material that breathes and therefore the chance of foul odors is also a lot smaller.

Platform pumps

Many women who wear pumps all day have a burning sensation in the balls of their feet at the end of the day. This is often because they have a thin sole in the pump. When you choose pumps with a thicker sole, such as a platform sole, you have more cushioning and this provides a more pleasant feeling.

Use shoe trees

Shoe trees are useful tools for tensioning the width and length of the shoe. Do you notice that your new pumps are really a bit too narrow? Then you can stretch the width with a shoe tree. The same is also true for the length. It can certainly be painful when your new shoes are broken in if they are just a bit too small. In that case, a shoe tree can help.

Bring other shoes

Another smart tip is to just bring a larger handbag with room for an extra pair of very comfortable shoes. You can then just change your shoes at the end of the day or an evening out and put on more comfortable shoes. You can also choose to wear more comfortable shoes anyway. Comfortable shoes can also be luxurious. Think, for example, of Veja sneakers. These eco-friendly Veja sneakers women are minimalist, feminine and stylish. Ideal if you want to wear comfortable shoes without them no longer being feminine and sexy. They are available at Van Arendonk, among others.